September 27, 2007

A few events in one’s own life leave indelible marks. For me, my Class X exam was one. I was given to understand that the Class X exams were “life” defining. It was drilled into my head that unless I do well, I would be limiting my options. Nothing more was forthcoming by way of explanation. Fortunately, I did well. And I thought that I had crossed the most important milestone in my life.

Then came Class XII. As I was to discover, another life defining moment. And so it went on. I was lulled into believing that coming top of the heaps in academics was the passport to a “successful” life.

Now when I look back, these events seem immaterial in the larger scheme of things. Not for a minute am I belittling their significance on one’s life. They are important. But was the perspective that was handed down to me correct. Now with the benefit of experience, I would think not. It made me a now and here guy. I could not think beyond the events of today.
In a way, I developed a clerk’s mentality. I am fairly good at completing my day to day tasks and activities satisfactorily. In a way, I lost, or rather never discovered my perspective.


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