Carvalho’s Nest – II

December 22, 2008

In continuation of my earlier post on Carvalho’s Nest, I would like to specify some of the reasons for my falling in love with the place:

1. Mr Carvalho himself comes to the table with the bottle and serves his patrons. And he is very generous with his portions. Not only does the measure runneth over, he adds a few more dashes of each one’s poison. Compare this to the neighbourhood watering hole in a city like Bangalore where I am sure customers are deprived of the quantities that they end up paying for.

2. The bonhomie in the place was wonderful. Really makes one realise the role of the social lubricant that alcohol plays. People, who know each other well, come, discuss the events of the day, football, or whatever else may be there in their minds and go back a little wiser, or a little less sad or a little more happy. Shorn of all the bells and whistles of a city bar, I think the place does a lot more for keeping the catchment society happier and more cheerful.

3. Last but definitely not the least, the pricing makes one realise that Mr Carvalho is a romantic socialist at heart. A “social entrepreneur” in my book


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