Another year rolls by

December 26, 2008

We are at the fag end of 2008. I do not know what it is but this time of the year encourages introspection amongst a lot of people. I am nor sure if people spend more time wondering about what happened in the year gone by or planning for the coming year. As for me, I do neither. A few years back the only thought was where to have the Year End bash and how much booze to have. It was almost as if there was some universal license to get drunk and not feel guilty about it the next day. Anyways I have long gotten over those kinds of guilt feelings and to that extent 31st December has lost whatever little significance it had at one point in time.

If I were to look back at 2008 (presuming nothing remarkable is going to happen in the remaining 5 days of the year), what is it that I remember and what is it that I will remember a few years down the line. A caveat here. Since this is in the public domain, although considering the number of hits this my blog must be one of the best kept secrets in the world, I will exercise a certain amount of discretion and not be completely honest. So here goes my list:

1. Continued to run fairly consistently and more importantly for longer stretches at faster speeds. Before any of you start thinking that I am the next Haile Gebreselassie, the max I have done till date is about 9 kms in one hour. At this rate, I guess I can complete a marathon in about 5 hours which come to think of it is not too bad, isn’t it, ie presuming I have not dropped dead somewhere in between. Anyway, more on my running (or is jogging the right word) in another post.

2. Did virtually no travelling. I cannot think of a new place that I visited this year. In retrospect I would classify the year as a complete waste just on this parameter alone.

3. For a reason, which I refuse to divulge, I was kind of forced to write the Story of My Life. The wastefulness of my existence really hit me hard when I realised that I could not go beyond 7 A4 size sheets. Just goes to show how much of my life has just rolled by without me even realising it. However, to bolster my self esteem and justify my existence I am planning to expand on this over the next few months/ years. But what it did was force me to start thinking of the broad contours of my life thus far and it would be fair to say that there is a certain pattern that is emerging. The biggest challenge, I guess which I face today is to change the pattern.

4. India played a few tests (6 if I am not mistaken) against Australia and did not lose a single one of these. More surprisingly we won 3 of them. Any Indian cricket fan would have taken this at the start of the year.

5. My moustache has also started graying. Somehow this affected me much more significantly than the graying of the hair on my head. To me this perhaps indicates that I was keen to look older (and therefore wiser) when I was graying prematurely and at this point in time am desperate to ignore anything that accentuates the advancing years. Psychobabbling as usual.

6. Reading hit an all time low. And I am not just referring to books. I have stopped reading the newspapers. Given the drivel that passes off for news and views these days, maybe this is not such a bad thing after all.

7. Happy that at least towards the end of the year, I blogged a bit. If at all I have a resolution for 2009 it is to blog even more regularly. The problem that I will face is given my relative lack of knowledge about most things and a pathetic inability to think even remotely originally what am I going to blog about.

8. World cricket depleted after an epidemic of high profile retirements.

9. Avoided traveling on business like the plague after the Bangalore Airport was shifted closer to Anantpur. Also, the new airport lacks the character and quaintness of the earlier one.

As you can see, nothing much to write home about. All the more reason to make something more meaningful out of 2009. Hope does spring eternal, doesn’t it.


One Response to “Another year rolls by”

  1. Sanjeev Says:

    Gani — Do the Landmark Forum….You will really get an access into the pointlessness or life and how it make it more interesting…

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