Running – my salvation

January 5, 2009

Attempting to crack the Half Marathon

Attempting to crack the Half Marathon

Over the last two and a half years the treadmill at home has been my faithful companion and in some sense gives me a deep sense of salvation. In an otherwise ordinary life, running on the treadmill has given me and continues to give me a deep sense of fulfillment. To me it has been the closest to a ritual that I have subjected myself to during this period. I have gone to the extent of maintaining a log of the distance that I have run and the time taken to cover the distance. As you can see, I take my running pretty seriously.

I have always enjoyed running and used to do it in parks and grounds when I was in Chennai. Running, particularly middle and long distance running is a lonely pursuit and maybe for this precise reason I have always found it enriching. After moving to Bangalore, for some reason I discontinued. The road conditions near my house and the chaotic traffic were also dampeners I guess. One of the wisest decisions that I made then was to invest in a treadmill. I have now gotten so used to running on the treadmill that road running has become quite strenous on my knees. I tried it the last time around when I was in Goa and found my knees acting up after a few kilometres. However, I am determined and am hopeful of finding a way around this.

Now coming to my stats for the year 2008. I found the energy and the motivation to run 90 times during the year. For someone with my levels of motivation and perseverance, I consider this an achievement. Over this 90 days, I have covered a little less than 450 kms. So I average about 5 kms per day when I do hit the treadmill. This takes me approximately 35 minutes. I have gone as much as 9.6 kms (which I covered in about 65 minutes). The fact that my faithful companion is now two and half years old also means that he (she ??) tends to break down more often and the service engineers visits have become more frequent. I guess with little more discipline I could have done about 125 days of running in 2008. At the end of the year, I realised that I have spent close to 54 hours on the treadmill. Some of the best days of running were while watching cricket on the television. Matches played in Australia are wonderful from the timing perspective. I prefer running in the mornings as opposed to running in the evenings. Somehow, the whole day feels a lot better once I have run in the mornings. For instance 9.6 was done on the day when South Africa beat Australia to record their first ever series victory in Australia. Nothing like the Aussies being bashed for motivation.

I have resolved to improve on my stats during the current year. For instance, one of my targets for the year is to be able to move the average closer to 6 kms per running instance. I also intend to crack 10 kms at least a couple of times in the current year. I am also keen that I do more than 100 days of running during the year. The key to achieving all this will be a higher level of discipline in terms of going to bed early and waking up early. Something tells me that I will manage to do all this and more. Of course, I also sincerely hope that my faithful companion manages to survive the year without giving me too much trouble. It is going to be tough ask. Will keep all of you posted on the progress !!!.

Here is wishing myself a happy running 2009 !!!!! Cheers


2 Responses to “Running – my salvation”

  1. Bennita Ganesh Says:

    To be honest, I was reasonably sure when we bought the treadmill in 2006 that this equipment would also join the long list of “spur of the moment” purchases which never see the light of day after a day or two of use, like our guitar (did not survive the first class), 2 cycles etc etc. Hence was pleasantly surprised to find you still interested in running not just for a few days/months but even after 2 years.

    Great going Guns!!

    Wishing you many more happy miles of running in 2009. Hope to see you on that Bianchi/ Quantec/ Firefox soon too!!

    As for me, will have to go out and get myself a new clothes horse.

  2. Ravi Says:

    Gani – Good Show man, Hope you make ur goal for the year.

    Beni, reading this blog I was surprised. Now am impressed too. Now Gani has got me motivated too…

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