Jeff Abbott

February 6, 2009

I just finished reading a little gem titled “Cut and Run” authored by Jeff Abbott. It is a crime thriller and a potboiler with a lot of human emotions woven in. I have not heard of Jeff Abbott earlier (not that it means anything much) and started reading ot because I had time to kill and I had option of no other book. But it turned out to be a virtual unputdownable. Apparently he has written seven books and has been a nominee a couple of times for the Edgar Allan nominee. All this from the book’s blurb. As is to be expected I promptly googled Jeff Abbott and spent a few minutes clicking through the official Jeff Abbott website As always, was left wondering about my lack of knowledge of things writing. Realised that he is one of the US’ best selling authors and his latest book “Trust Me” has been released, very coincidentally, on February 5th, the same day I picked up his Cut and Run.

The core plot is played out over a few days and each one of these days is thrill a minute. However the context in which the plot is set is a few decades old and is unique as far as my reading of pulp fiction goes. The book also ends very poignantly. It has a very touching found and lost theme as opposed to the usual lost and found themes. A welcome change, there are no romantic sub plots to distract the main character(s). As much as I would like to, I do not have the skills to write more without giving out the whole story, which would be a tragedy. All of us deserve an enjoyable read of the book. Pick it up if you can and if anyone has read any of his other books, I would love to hear what you may have to say.


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