“Lakshmi’s” weekend

March 27, 2009


The weekend of March 21 and 22 was one of the most enjoyable ones that I had had in a long time. Started off well enough on Friday evening when I decided to leave office a “little” early. I was keen to watch a couple of world movies that I had picked up in Hyderabad the previous day. Reached home and decided to watch Anton Corbijn’s “Control”. The movie is all about the tragic story of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the 70’s band – Joy Division and brilliantly captures the period of his life for 4 years,a period during which he and the band shot to fame and by the end of which, unable to cope with the fame and the attendant pressures on his personal life, Ian commits suicide at the age of 23. Sam Riley turns in a powerhouse performance as the tortured and tormented Ian Curtis. Notwithstanding the brilliance of the movie, it was disturbing in many ways and I decided to go for a therapeutic run.

Post the run, suitably refreshed, I decided to watch “The Kite Runner” which Beni had picked up from the library. I had been intending to watch the movie since the time I finished the book. The movie turned out to be a very good adaptation of the book. The script remains faithful to the printed version and therefore there is very little improvisation. The fact that I was seeing all the actors for the first time was a little bizarre and yet it added to the authenticity of the viewing experience. For me now, Khalid Abdalla (who plays Amir and whose details I later checked out on www.imdb.com ) is Amir. Given the sporadic nature of my movie watching, it is doubtful that I will ever get to see him in another movie and his image is what I will carry of Amir. Ditto for the actor who plays his dad, whose I thought was the standout performance.

I was keen to watch the India-New Zealand first test the next day. There was every possibility of India wrapping up the test on Saturday itself.I woke up all bleary eyed early on Saturday and did not regret the decision. India played sublime cricket (made even more sublime by the almost comical Kiwi display) and by close of play had comprehensively beaten the hosts to record their first test win on New Zealand soil in nearly three and half decades. By this time though, the effects of a couple of sleep deprived nights were becoming apparent and all I could do after a hearty brunch was hit the sack. Blissful afternoon siesta for about 4 hours.

Wearing a ear stud has been an unfulfilled childhood dream for me. For no reason, I had decided the previous day (Friday) that I would get my ear pierced on Saturday. Tuchu and Tikku were most excited by this and so, off we went as a family to the family GP to pierce my ears. Having undergone similar procedures in the past, they kept insisting that there would be no physical pain whatsoever and that they were there for me in case of any calamity. The poor doctor was naturally shocked to see an entire family trooping into his consulting room to witness the event of the head of the family getting his ear pierced in his dotage. In fact, he asked more than once whether we were sure that it was I who he had to poke in the ear. Thankfully the procedure was completed uneventfully and I walked out of the clinic feeling pretty much proud that I had fulfilled a lifetime ambition. Before the doctor visit we also had to go to a place which rented out costumes as Tikku was participating in a dance programme which was part of her school’s annual day celebrations for the Montessori grade. She was taking part in a dance drama and she was required to be dressed in a blue Bharatnatyam outfit. The event in general and Tikku’s part in the programme in particular had been hyped up so much that all of us were quite looking forward to this event which was scheduled for Sunday.

After a sumptuous dinner at Adyar Ananda Bhavan (Tuchu particularly loves the ghee dosa there), we came back home and I decided to finish David Davidar’s “Solitude of Emperors”. Another highlight for the week. A book I enjoyed reading, especially the way in which the author had etched each one of the principal characters. I really appreciated the distinction in the characters that Davidar was able to build and convey simply by bringing in different speech styles. It was almost as if a different author had penned the roles of different characters in the story and it had been all just been stitched together by Davidar. At the end of it all, Davidar had wormed his way into my list of “must read” writers. It was well into the night by the time I finished the book and since there was no cricket the next day, I had no compunctions waking up late.

Sunday was typically lazy and by afternoon the house was agog with the excitement of getting Tikku dressed up in all her finery. And boy, was it worth the effort. I have to admit that she looked out of the world. There is no denying the fact that the best things in life come in small packages. She looked divine and all of us were unanimous in our opinion that she was the epitome of Goddess Lakshmi. Mercifully, she was also in a good mood (must have had something to do with all the attention that was being showered on her) and did not throw her usual tantrums. Off we went to school. After the usual inaugural drone by the school principal, the students took over and came up with one scintillating display after the other. Younger the kids, cuter the performance. And then, it was Tikku’s group’s turn to captivate the audience with their histrionics. Little did we realise that Tikku’s role in the whole scheme of things was miniscule (and that is being generous). We would have missed her part if we had blinked. Thankfully, Beni managed to click one photo before she made her dignified exit. But what the hell, she was still the cynosure of all eyes, or so my biased parental mind thinks. When the curtains came down on Tikku’s group programme, and after an extended round of thunderous applause, we decided to make a quick exit and avoid the stampede which inevitably accompanies any of these school events. Plus there was one more movie to watch to round off the weekend.

We came back home and promptly proceeded to watch “A Wednesday”. Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher were outstanding in the movie. One of the most tightly packaged Hindi movies that I have seen in a long time. The script does not slacken even a wee bit and the film hardly meanders. It is slick and was engrossing. Seeing Anupam Kher’s performance in particular made me bemoan the number of movies in which his substantial talent has been completely wasted playing the heroine’s buffoon daddy role.

It had been an entertaining and rewarding weekend. Movies, eating out, together time, cricket, books and a fun outing with the kids. But there was no doubt in my mind as to what was the icing on the cake. My darling at her endearing best outfitted as the friendly neighborhood Goddess Lakshmi.

Check out http://www2.snapfish.in/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=278730731/a=113978243_113978243/t_=113978243.


8 Responses to ““Lakshmi’s” weekend”

  1. Ravi Says:

    Tikku looks cute in her dance costume. Would you love to see your pic with kadukkans. Please post a snap here or mail me one.

    What’s next in the list… kudumi?

  2. Bennita Ganesh Says:

    We did have a great time…….Hope you now realise (re the conclusion of “Rewind”) that the best is far from over. In fact, am quite sure that we’ve saved the best for last. You only have to look at Tuchu n Tikku to know that. My best moment of the weekend apart from Kutti Goddess Lakshmi’s “Dont blink and you’ll still miss” performance was the manner in which we managed to make good ol doc Ramesh nervous. Dont think he has had such an audience before for an ear piercing. On second thoughts, the last time around when it was Tikku’s turn to pierce her ear again after the first hole was blocked, he had to chase her up 2 flights of stairs with his gun in hand until she was held down by 3 nurses and a ward boy for the honours. I’m sure he will be relieved that all of us have now been pierced unless you decide to go ahead with the nose ring as threatened.

    Ravi, since you are a glutton for punishment, have uploaded more exclusive pics of Tikkus preparation for the performance and the aftermath as well as Gani’s kadukkans. The thought of the kudumi is tempting.

    Check out http://www2.snapfish.in/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=278730731/a=113978243_113978243/t_=113978243
    to catch all the action on Goddess lakshmi channel.

  3. Ravi Says:

    Thanks for the pictures Beni. Tikku has that mischievous look in her eyes.Cute.
    I was expecting to see a bigger bling on Gani though.

  4. Maha Says:

    Heh – she does look ‘sooooper’!

  5. Gani Says:

    Ravi, more than a Kudumi a pony tail is on the anvil. Will need to do it soon enough.

  6. Trusha Ganesh Says:

    It was fun seeing Apu’s ear getting pierced. He was looking a bit scared towards the end. I really love the taste of the ghee dosa’s in AAB. I liked Tikku’s show and I even liked the preparation for the same. When the M0’s were performing, Prerana and me were imitating them and having a good time. I’m really looking forward to doing the same when my turn comes. I especially liked Aditi and Tikka’s dress. They were looking very cute. Thank you Apu and Amu for such a nice weekend.

    The End


  7. Glen and Savi Says:

    Tikku looks adorable. Very endearing.. The dress is absolutely fabulous. Tiku is going to knock a few down in her time :).

    Great recap of the weekend too! Thanks Gani. Feels nice to follow you all virtually and transport ourselves there. Sounds like the performance was completely eclipsed with the events leading up to and after, anyway πŸ™‚

  8. chiqutam Says:

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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