To find one’s calling

July 8, 2009

I am back in Bangalore after about 5 weeks. One of the events that I missed out on during my absence was the launch of Diinesh Kumble’s coffee table book – “Dream Safari – A Pictorial Journey through Africa’s Cradle of Life” which was organised in early June. Not having had a chance to meet with Diinesh since my return I have not yet seen the final product although having known Diinesh for some time now, I have no doubt that the final product will be classy and worthy of possession.

The book is a culmination of the efforts that Diinesh has poured into his passion of nature photography over the last so many years. I am confident that Dream Safari is the first of many that will follow in due course. More than anything else the release of the book by Diinesh is vindication of the fact that it is important for all us to figure out our calling in life and pursue the same with dedication and perseverance. And like most of us, there were digressions along the way and it is to his credit that, unlike most of us, he never stopped listening to his heart.

The book itself is a collection of his own photographs accumulated during safaris to Tanzania and Kenya over the last couple of years. I have seen some of the photographs in isolation and even to my untrained eye, it was obvious that they capture the essence of the wild Africa. I have had the pleasure of making a couple of trips with Diinesh to South Africa (more for work than liesure) and even during these visits, it was apparent that the dark continent had a special place in Diinesh’s heart. Considering this, it is only appropriate that his first book is journey through Africa. To find out more about the book, log onto

Over the last few years, I have been extremely fortunate to have been in the midst of a few people who have chosen to take the road less travelled. They have refused to be dictated to by social mores and societal compulsions. Almost without exception, each one of them has enjoyed a fair degree of success and acclaim. Here is to wishing that this inspires more of us to break traditional norms and chart our own course. Thanks Diinesh for being an inspiration and here is wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.


One Response to “To find one’s calling”

  1. Diinesh Says:

    Hey Gani,

    Thanks Da for considering me to be an inspiration.


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