Why ??

January 30, 2010

Often I wonder why I write. I don’t need to; write that is. Yet I do it. This in spite of the fact that thus far, the rest of the world has been blissfully oblivious to what or how I write.

The pointlessness to my writing strikes me more forcefully after I read others. It is then when I am made to realise the huge gap between what I want to say and how it actually comes out in words. All the good writers seem to have this felicity to express their feelings (or thoughts) in words. It appears that very little is “lost in writing”, although, ultimately it is for the writer himself to judge this. Fortunately, the reader has no way of knowing what is it that the writer wanted to write about. And how effectively he succeeded in committing his thoughts to paper.

I have realised that one of the reasons that I write is to try and bridge this gap between my thinking and the words I choose to communicate it (for whose benefit I do not know). It is not as if I feel that the thoughts requiring articulation are original. I do believe fairly strongly that there can be only so much of original thought in this world. If originality was a criterion for being published (and sold in numbers), there would be very few works worthy of publication. Is it therefore a matter of presentation?. In case of fiction, this should be the case. Since I do not fictionalise, the substance should have more prominence than the form. I fail then on both counts. Neither am I original nor am I clever with my non-original thoughts.

Is it the hope that by writing more, I will keep improving both my writing and my thinking. Writing maybe, but thinking ??. No evidence so far to support this.

So, I write without knowing why I write. No denying that it gives me satisfaction. I will also confess that I would like people to read what I write. Does not matter if they agree or not. In fact, a little disagreement will not hurt.


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