Writer’s Block

June 7, 2014

No doubt, it is a presumptuous title for a post by me. After all, I am hardly a writer. However, this has been state since my last post sometime in 2011. So what prompted me to write now. It was a piece by Nandita Das that I read recently. In the article, she has candidly admitted that most times when she sits down to write she has no idea of what she is going to write about. Yet she manages to keep to her writing commitments. That was the spark I was looking for, and here I am typing away with absolutely no idea as to how the rest of this post is gonna go. 

I had gotten into a state of mind which made me believe that the posts that I was writing were not worthy of being written. After all, aren’t there enough and more people already writing and expressing their points of view. What is the point of one more person doing the same. It is not as if my world view offers anything original, unique or interesting. It is also not as if my unoriginal points of view are being articulated more eloquently. But now, come to think of it, originality and eloquence are hardly prerequisites for me to continue writing on my blog. It is my own place on this earth and I am at liberty to write about, by and large, what I want and in the manner I can. This was reinforced to me a while back when my 12 year old daughter was asked, by a judge in a writing competition, why she writes. Her paraphrased answer was “I write because I want to write”. It has taken me a while to realise this simple truth. Hopefully it is the beginning of a slightly more prolific writing phase. My poor followers !!!!



3 Responses to “Writer’s Block”

  1. Keep on writing my friend!! Here’s to writing just because…

  2. chiqutam Says:

    One of your best, in my humble opinion…

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